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About Us

About Us

Created in 2010, Nova Gera is an European trademark which tries to develope its style with new artists and sports. We are also always looking for new inspirations in all cultures living in Europe... Because Europe is more than only a Business Land. We are already working with Portugueses, French, Swiss, Italians, Slovaks and Hungarians. We are now working to create our own fashion style that you will be able to buy in 2013 (and during 2012 we will offer you some exclusive clothes, so be attentive). We know that a lot of trademarks are already famous in clothing business but as we use to say : You like it, you wear it...
Nova Gera is a trademark involved in music, sport and events. The goal is to create a kind of European Artist Union. We are working for you and with you...

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Nova Gera Music & events:
PLUSPlus (HU - SK)
Stiletto MOOD (PT)

Sport :


NevraljikOrigin : Portugal (PT) / France (FR)
Style : Rap / HipHop

Nevraljik is an underground rap group which is working on an official album when life gives time. Nevraljik it is Ramires & NS du 9Zedou, two portuguese MCs living in the suburb of Paris : Hauts-De-Seine (92). Both have different styles but the combinaison made something intersting...
Already known in some neighbourhoods of France, Portugal, Switzerland... Just wait for the official album when life will give time to record all tracks...

See more about them on :

Official Website | Facebook | MySpace

Dj B-Light

B-LightOrigin : Italy (IT) / Switzerland (CH)
Style : House / Tribal / TekHouse / Latin House

Under the concept of SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT, DJ B-LIGHT is a reference of the French-speaking Switzerland clubbing scene. He knew how to established himself by his tribal electro style, coloured with Ibizancas nuances.
Resident of several Genevan establishments (Krystal Club, X-TAZ club, FBI, Monte Cristo, Jetlag), of Lausanne (Cut Club, Cactus Club), Sion (Diams) and Bienne (Biella Factory) this Swiss from Sicily seduced even regional radio stations (NRJ, ONE FM) where his compositions were played.
Surprising by his underground side, he often plays with friends and some big names like Sir Colin, Mark'o Mariotti, Djaimin, Von Reva, Mister Mike, Jay Dee, Deba or Frederico Milani.
2011, full of meetings, was crucial for the elaboration of demanding artistic projects, in Switzerland and abroad. 2012 will be like a concretisation...

See more about him on :

Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | MySpace | SwissPodcasts

Pete Tribe

Pete TribeOrigin : Switzerland (CH)
Style : House / TekHouse

Under the concept SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT, DJ PETE TRIBE a reference of the 90's Trance environment, turned gradually to the House music, then Tek House.
Henceforth with more Tek-Minimal rythm sets, he enchants the Genevan dance floors (Krystal Club, BBM2, Seven), and private parties. This Swiss born in Zurich sometimes played with guests, like Gianni Parini, Mark o' Mariotti, DJ Jeff, T-Bass, what confirms his electric and eclectic style.
On a wave of return begun since 2009, which never stop, DJ PETE TRIBE gets along well to make of 2012 the year all the artistic challenges.

See more about him on :

Facebook | Youtube | MySpace | Sound Cloud

Spiritual Movement

Spiritual MovementName : SPIRTUAL MOVEMENT (Label)
Origin : Switzerland (CH)
Style : House

See more about it on :

Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | MySpace

Mikie Wilde

Mikie WildeOrigin : Switzerland (CH) / Portugal (PT)
Style : House / Lounge / Latin House / Minimal

Michael Santos aka Mikie Wilde was born in 1980 in New Jersey, U.S. He went to live in Portugal few years later where he began his musical career as a Band Musician. In 1997 he started to play Professionally (residence) in several Clubs/Bars of Cult in Lisbon. In 2006/2007 he went to France where he played in several clubs in Paris & Bordeaux. In 2007 he came back to Portugal to be the resident Dj of the best LGBT club in Lisbon (Trumps Club) and continues to have monthly residences in several Clubs in the city and in Algarve (Capitulo V). He is also a very dinamic Producer and has been relasead tracks under the names Erotik Mike, The Pusherman and most recently 4 da People Technically he is one of the finest Djs at the moment in Portugal.

See more about him on :

Official Website | Sound Cloud | MySpace


AliennOrigin : Portugal (PT)
Style : Trance / Psychadelic

Patrick Ferreira, 23 years old, was born in Switzerland and moved to Portugal with 6 years old. He started djing when he was 13, mixing House and Techno, until he met Trance a year after, starting to dedicate himself to this music style. That was when he began playing every Saturday at the Via Lactea Club. Getting more into the scene, he decided to organize indoor and outdoor parties as well, presenting national and internacional performances in Portugal. Lately in 2007 he started also dedicating himself to Psychedelic Trance production. He played the first live act at 24 May 2008.
The 1st album "Alienn - Cosmic Matter" was released at 9-10-2009, and the first EP "Alienn - One", will be release at 11 November 2011 by Hypergate Rec. And also have played in Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Italy and more. Other tracks was released in the next compilations: VA Liquid Legacy, VA Fractal Energy 4, VA In Lakech, VA Osaka Mafia, VA Psyshark Vibes 4, VA Another Dimension, VA Gaia Tek 2 and 3, VA Hyperdelic Pill, VA Receptor, and others. Alienn represents the Hypergate Records and Joker Records.

See more about him on : Official Website | Facebook | MySpace | Sound Cloud


SélénienOrigin : Switzerland (CH) / Portugal (PT)
Style : Slam

Stéphane Mateus a.k.a. Sélénien is a french and portuguese speaking poet. He uses to sing solo with his guitar because he doesn't need too much to create, his life is the inspiration. He made rap before but the power of the words came to him while he started making Slam. Now he is one of the best Slamers of Switzerland and is still improving his black humour. You can see him on TV or in little concerts.

Slameur et guitariste à textes, 20 ans et des poussières, tête dans la lune, pieds sur terre, fort penchant pour les jeux de mots, friand de figures de style, à fleur de plume, d’humeur poétique, d’humour noir recherche lecteurs pour 1ère expérience et plus si affinité. Ames non-sensibles s’abstenir.
See more about him on :

Official BLOG | Youtube | MySpace


G AmadoStyle : Kizomba
Origin : Portugal (PT)

See more about him on : Myspace | Youtube


TrippOrigin : France (FR)
Style : Metal / Punk - (Drum kit player)
Group participations : Kall in Cage / Carcereduro (actual)

See more about him on :

MySpace | Carcereduro's MySpace | Carcereduro's Fan page


DrikinhoOrigin : Portugal (PT) / France (FR)
Style : Rap/Hiphop

DRIKINHO discovered Rap at 15. His first influences were in France with NTM, IAM but also groups like Sens Unik or La Clica. He wrote his first texts at 18 during 2 years and discovered Chicano Rap (Delinquent Habits, Tha Mexakinz...) which gave him the need to sing also in Portuguese, his mother language. After underground projects, Dj Lusitano invited him for the project « France-Portugal ».
2004 : Autoproduction, EP 5 tracks (only on the web)
2005 : Pourtuguese Hiphop Tour (with people like Sam the Kid, Chullage... and french songers like Spekta & Leroy)
2008 : "Best Of" produced and mixed by Dj Lusitano
2009 : First album.
After a lot of work in 2011, his new album is on going... wait for 2012 !

See more about him on :

MySpace | SkyBlog Music | SkyBlog


Mocaskai Origin : Portugal (PT) / France (FR)
Style : Rap / Hiphop / Hardcore

Franco-portuguese MC, Mocaskai rap since 98. Minhoto-Trasmontano, he is 100% portuguese. His influences are based on grups like NTM (without any doubt, mainly KOOL SHEN), LA CLIQUA, SECTEUR A, BUSTA FLEX, ROLDAN (from ORISHAS).
He is the kind of rapper who likes all themes and who raps on slow sounds, hardcore sounds, conscious or egotrip. Always humble, Mocaskai uses to share his work making featurings or accepting new instrumentals. His work is based only on the musical passion.
He uses to rap in french or in portuguese, his mother language. But he also tried in english and in spanish, two languages that he speaks quite fluently.
Listen and don't forget this name : MOCASKAI.

See more about him on :

MySpace | Facebook | SkyBlog


PatriotOrigin : Slovakia (SK)
Style : Rap / Hiphop / Hardcore

Patriot is a Slovak MC who is now working on is first official album. This album will be available at the begining of 2012, first, only in the city of Trnava.
Already known for is song Spartak Trnava which is one of the official song of the soccer team, he decided to work seriously on his official project to give a new product for the people of Trnava and for everybody. You will listen some good productions of WRACH (Slovak beatmaker). He also made a featuring with Ramires (portuguese MC from the group Nevraljik) in this first album.
Wait for this album and futur project he will make...

See more about him on : Interview (po slovensky)

Check also some beats of WRACH on : Sound Cloud


PLUSPlusOrigin : Slovakia (SK)/ Hungary (HU)
Style : Minimal, Tech House, Techno, Breaks, Indie Dance/Nu Disco, Electronica

The name PLUSplus came to knowledge on their first appearance in March 2010, when they presented the accumulated electronic message in techno style for the first time. Okash and Ferque are two different personalities in good harmony - that makes them unique and inimitable.
The purpose of the PLUSplus is to present the unknown musical world in a colorful package for people, who want to enjoy a different kind of music, and relax. Their sets are built up by several genres of electronic music, but the main line is the groovy rythm & bass, feelings like love and happiness, tempo, what makes people live +(+) a big bunch of positivity.

See more about him on :

Facebook | Sound Cloud | MySpace

Laszlo Papp

Laszlo PappOrigin : Hungary (HU)
Style : House / Electro

Laszlo Papp (1985) , founder of NVC, has been making music with PC since he’s 12. He also started djing then, with his Gemini Pmx-7 two-channel mixer, a tape- and a cd player in school camps. He fell in love with electronic music, when he got his first jungle, goa and breakbeat selections around ’98. 4 years later he founded his band called Maradandó Változások in which he was the lead singer and guitarist. Accoustic-based and electronic music have always been both present in his life, he can’t live without neither – in 2010 he also played the guitar in the legendary hungarian band called Anima Sound System.
His first release was “Csikidampresso” in 2011, by the Italian label, Bulldozer records.

See more about him on :

Official Website | MySpace | Sound Cloud

Stiletto MOOD

Stiletto MOODName : Stiletto MOOD Comunicação
Origin : Portugal (PT)
Style : Communication & events
More info & contacts on : Facebook

Mehdi Hocianat

Mehdi HocianatOrigin : France (FR)
Team : ESTAC Troyes (CFA2) - (defender)

Born in Maisons-Laffitte this central defender (or right) of 20 years has an impressive career behind him. He started to play football at 9 years old in Courbevoie (92). He then played in Montrouge (92) in 14 fédéraux and then at 15 years old in Division d'honeur. At 16 he joined the Racing Club de France 92 where he played in nationale, he was hired at the same time by the club ESTAC Troyes. At 18 he played in nationale and also carries some games in CFA2.
Today, Mehdi is the selection of Elite ESTAC of Troyes and plays CFA2 and nationale. Learning also the art of training football teams, he likes this sport and tries everyday to live his passion.
To be continued...

See more about him and his team on :

Official Website of ESTAC Troyes | Classement FFF- CFA 2

Rugby Club Spartak Trnava

Origin : Slovakia (SK)
Sport : Rugby

One of the 7 rugby teams of Slovakia. Some of the players are also playing in Czech Republic (Zlín) but they try to develope this sport in Slovakia. They are amators but they like this sport and they dream about a Slovak Rugby League, that is why they never give up...

See more about it on :

Facebook | Official Website (po Slovensky)


Rap Exclusivity

Artist : Ramires (from Nevraljik)
Name : Premières esquisses (Primeiros traços)
Date : 2011
Summary : Ramires, artist from the group Nevraljik, decided to make an underground album putting some french & portuguese works he has done since 2009 to 2011...



Rap Download

Artist : Mocaskai (& Keuspi)
Name : Mise en bouche
Date : 2011
Summary : Mocaskai is preparing an album for the begining of 2012. With is friend Keuspi, they decided to make a street album in order to wait for the definitve project. The album contains 8 tracks and 2 video clips. Download this for free (download using RapidSHARE link).

>> DOWNLOAD on RapidSHARE <<


Rap Download

Artist : Poker & Original
Name : Nas Cas (Our time)
Date : 2012
Summary : Poker & Original are from Trnava (Slovakia). Waiting for the album, this EP is to show what they can do with some local rappers and Ramires (France/Portugal). Download this for free (using link).

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